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A VA Can Organise The Best Seasonal Greeting Cards

A VA Can Organise The Best Seasonal Greeting Cards

The Festive Season is a great time to say thank you to your loyal customers and clients, employees or other company owners by sending a Holiday Card either through snail mail or over the Internet.  A virtual assistant can tackle the task of card buying or creation and send to free up employees for handling the increasing flow of business at the end of the year.

A Virtual Assistant Can Organise the Mailing List

Companies have different categories of people who may be sent a holiday card: customers, who may get a card for marketing purposes, employees, who may get a card with their end of year bonus or a note of appreciation, and other professionals for networking purposes.

A VA hired to handle these databases can quickly formulate various holiday card lists for different types of cards and inclusions. This provides a more personal touch that can’t be had by simply sending the same holiday greeting out to every single person you have an address for.

The Snail Mail vs. Email Debate

Most company communications that require more than a phone call or text are handled through email these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for holiday greetings. A virtual assistant can help the company decide which is more appropriate for the different types of card recipients. For example, a one-time customer could get an email with a special discount for a sale opportunity while a top-level employee should be sent a physical card in the mail.

Email is quick and infinitely less labour-intensive than sending out snail mail holiday cards. The VA can put together a bulk mailing that both reaches everyone on the list with the same greeting and secures their private information too.

Snail mail takes longer, especially around the holiday season, and is definitely more expensive because of the associated costs of cards and envelopes that need to be purchased, let alone the cost of mailing itself. However, a printed holiday card has a certain class and style and definitely shows the recipient that more effort was made.

A Special Note About Holiday Cards

Unless the organisation sending out holiday cards is affiliated specifically with one religion, it’s important for a virtual assistant to focus on seasonal themes rather than holy ones. The last thing a company wants to do is make customers, clients, employees or contacts uncomfortable or give the impression that they’re being preached to. In some cases, a VA may be able to look in a person’s file and find out what religion they are, but this practice is rather intrusive. Selecting either email or snail mail holiday cards with scenery or even a personalised company image is a better option in most situations.

With an intelligent and hard-working virtual assistant under contract, either type of holiday card mailing won’t disrupt the end of year business activities. Company owners can rest assured that customers will receive the right holiday discounts, treasured employees will get the recognition they deserve and other contacts will know they’re remembered – all best ensuring these relationships continue profitably in the new year.

Email now to get your Seasonal Greeting Cards organised! 


  • kim Williams
    Posted at 09:33h, 15 December Reply

    How fantastic Cherie! You really do make things easy for someone like myself to reach my clients, not only during usual business periods but also at special times to be celebrated.

    Regards, Kim
    Kim Williams, Bayley’s Commercial RE

    • Cherie
      Posted at 04:36h, 16 December Reply

      Thank you Kim, that’s awesome! It’s wonderful to work with positive people who are focussed on providing great service to their clients, as you are.

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