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Virtual Business Assistant NZ Ltd

Virtual Business Assistant NZ Ltd

Owned and operated by Cherie Ladkin and was launched in March 2016.  The services are provided online through internet based software solutions.

To provide flexible online business support and help busy solo entrepreneurs and small-medium size enterprise owners manage their workflow, add value to their business and improve their work/LIFE balance.

Freedom to Grow Your Business!

Cherie Ladkin, Director, Virtual Business Assistant NZ Ltd
Cherie Ladkin

About Cherie

Cherie has an extensive and varied background in small business administration encompassing Admin/PA roles in a variety of industries including; justice, real estate, inbound tours, computer, and accounting software sales support, and recently 14 years in an extremely varied role at a local sportfishing club.

A keen interest in computer technology combined with an innovative can-do attitude is how Cherie aims to free up your time and give you peace of mind.

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