SERVICES - Virtual Business Assistant NZ
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Bookkeeping services to process your online financial transactions for sales, purchases, income, expenses, receipts and payments.  Reconcile accounts and follow up on overdue accounts to help out your cash flow.


Customer Support services to contact your clients via Skype or Email to schedule an appointment for an in-person or phone meeting or consultation.  At the same time, we will update your Contact Management System and provide Contact Relationship Support.  We can also build a FAQ Database or Intranet for correct responses and templates.


Project management services to create projects, manage milestones, tasks, and deliverables to help with your internal and external projects.


Email, Task & Calendar management to keep you organised and responsive.


Correspondence and file management to create edit, format and proofread your documents or transcribe voice recordings.


We are happy to help with other adhoc tasks such as internet research, travel arrangements or other bookings or online purchases.


Website updates and blog posting.


Social Media Marketing strategy implementation for sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+.  Maintain and or improve your profile and settings, build, monitor and engage with your online audience, and report on activity to assist with your ongoing marketing strategy.


Email Marketing campaign support to prepare newsletters, manage your subscriber lists, run your campaigns.


Ask me about solutions to streamline your workflow or improve your online systems and processes for yourself or your team.  Get help with your online software with one-on-one online training and support.


Now that you have browsed over my services, please take a look at my pricing options then contact me for a complimentary free consultation to discuss your requirements and discover how I can help you.

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  • Getting started

    Tell us about your business, your budget and where you need assistance. We'll review carefully, then contact you to discuss if we can partner you.

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  • Virtual Office

    Then we'll setup your Client Login to our Virtual Office so you can submit your projects, collaborate online with your team and book an online meeting.